According to Decisions on comprehensively promote financial province construction, Guangdong provincial party committee and government clearly stated that supported the development of Hengjian Company had become important platform for the state-owned economy industry and financial industry combined. In the Twelfth Five-Year Guideline, Guangdong provincial SASAC explicitly demanded that Hengjian Company should establish the combination of industry and finance and a limited diversified financial investment system, and make efforts to build state-owned economy financing platform, state-owned investment and development platform, state-owned asset management platform and state-owned capital operation platform.  

State-owned economy financing platform

The credit rating of Hengjian Company is AAA. With the gradual transferred of equities of central and provincial enterprise into our company, Hengjian Company further develops the role of state economy financing platform. Besides,

Depending on good credit rating, good market image and strong bargaining power and other comprehensive advantages, we did effectively in three levels of financing including Provincial Government, provincial state-owned system and Hengjian Company, etc. Moreover, our company solves the funding needs of provincial key projects and provincial enterprises major projects through asset securitization, set up equity funds, issuing corporate bonds, short and medium financing bonds, non-public directional financing instrument and trust products and so on. In addition, we achieve the integration of industrial capital and financial capital and further open up financing channel by means of shareholding or holding financial companies.

State-owned investment and development platform

We shall do well in government-directed investments, while we vigorous develop self-operated investment business including directional issuance, venture capital, financial investment, industrial investment, trustee investment, fund business , etc., To achieve this, we should: firstly, continue to serve as the investment representative of Provincial Government and Provincial SASACs’ and use financial fund for the implementation of investment and overcome legal obstacles of government agencies are not allowed directly involved in market activities on the basis of government-directed projects’ maintenance which has invested in. Also, keep to serves as representatives of government agencies to perform the investors’ responsibilities by the market-oriented means. Secondly, assist provincial enterprises refining competitive industries, and serve as a strategic investor to hold shares periodically. Thirdly, set up development and investment funds by ourselves or cooperation with other provincial enterprises. Besides, under the guidance and promotion of government funds, make use of social capital and financial capital to mainly invest distinguished projects of innovative development, high growing and development potential by attracting and utilizing social investment and financial capital, and play a key role in accelerating the transformation and upgrading of state economy. Fourthly, serve as key industry capital investment channel, put money into key enterprises and guide state capital to focus on important industries and key areas related to national security and national economy, strategic emerging industries and competitive enterprises in the forms of direct capital injection and equity trading.

State-owned asset management platform

As an opportunity of the equities of Baosteel Group Guangdong Shaoguan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd and China General Nuclear Power Group transferred into our company, we will continue to strive for the transfer of other central and provincial enterprises’ equities in the future. Besides, we make great efforts to establish state-owned asset management platform operation and management mechanism, effective manage equity which is entrusted by Provincial Government and Provincial SASAC, maximize the overall value of state-owned assets and boost the capital to add value in the fluidity. Moreover, we give full play to scale effect of high assets and form an overall credit of state-owned assets, and thus to support state economy financing platform, expand the scale of financing and reduce the costs of financing. In addition, we put money in the development of strategic and leading industry by ways of exerts the function of investment and development platform, and thus forming a virtuous circle.

State-owned capital operation platform

We shall exert our crucial effect on the market operation of Provincial SASAC and extend state-owned assets management into state-owned capital management. Also, we shall actively cooperate with Provincial SASAC to realize the asset securitization, strengthen the industry consolidation and capital consolidation and enhance the provincial enterprises’ ability of asset securitization, thus establishing a group of leading enterprises in each industry for provincial state-owned assets system. To achieve this, we should: firstly, actively participate in the non-public directional issuance, public additional issuance in the capital market, and in the equity market value management of provincial enterprises’ listed companies, and fully grasp the opportunity to expand the advantageous industry chain formed by provincial state-owned assets system and other investment entities, sharing the consequent achievement and increasing the company’s capital strength by leaps and bounds; secondly, continue to develop our advantages in resources, talents and rich capital operation experience, actively facilitating the shareholding reform of provincial enterprises; thirdly, by means of IPO or back-door listing, actively assist provincial enterprises who possess high-quality assets and advantageous industries yet lack the platform to list in the listing of those high-quality assets, or even the listing of the whole enterprise; fourthly, actively strive for the market value management of provincial enterprises’ listed companies, assist these companies in capital reorganization, equity management and operation, and integrate a full range of resources to improve the whole value of state-owned assets to the largest degree; fifthly, be a good assistant to Provincial SASAC and help the Commission promote the reorganization of industrial modules in the provincial enterprises system through property ownership assignment, administrative transfer, equity swap, merger and acquisition and capital increase and equity expansion, etc., to establish a group of professional enterprises and groups of a complete industry chain, core competitiveness and solid strength in capital.

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